Is indianapolis a good city to live in?

Indianapolis is a great place to visit. But what makes Indy such a splendid place to stop over makes it an even better place to live.

Is indianapolis a good city to live in?

Indianapolis is a great place to visit. But what makes Indy such a splendid place to stop over makes it an even better place to live. Home to the world's largest children's museum, as well as professional and college sports teams and miles of recreational trails, Circle City has plenty to keep locals entertained. Secondly, if you are serious about moving to Indy, but are afraid of moving to a crime-ridden snake pit, sit down for a moment and dive into the statistics of the area you really want to live in.

With some of the best suburbs in the world, you can imagine that there are many extremely safe places to live in Indy, with very low crime rates. Areas with a higher population density, such as the center, will always have higher crime rates, this applies to any major city. Take a look at the neighborhood you want to live in and even ask if you're still undecided. Better yet, call me, I know Indy like the back of my hand, and I can help you make sure you feel good about your new neighborhood and your new home.

We have initiatives like Nine13sports that promote health, wellness and exercise through an innovative approach to cycling and technology; Keep Indianapolis Beautiful works with diverse communities to create vibrant public places, plant trees, develop community spaces, clean up neighborhoods and engage students in nature; People for Urban Progress rescues discarded materials (such as the iconic RCA Dome ceiling) and redesigns them for public benefit, ultimately making great products forever. Arts for Learning offers hands-on visual arts experiences that enable children to achieve their creative and intellectual potential. For more than 100 years, the Indianapolis 500 has been our main claim to fame. It is the largest single-day sporting event in the world and attracts more than 300,000 fans to the famous Indianapolis circuit on the west side of Indy.

As one of the city's six cultural districts, Broad Ripple Village has plenty of interesting things to do. Take a class, explore artwork or enjoy the ArtsPark sculpture garden at the Indianapolis Art Center, one of the best places to visit in Indianapolis. Spend the day touring smaller galleries in the area, such as The Bungalow Inc and Artifacts Village. Enjoy the pool, hiking trails and tennis courts at the 61-acre Broad Ripple Park.

Sing your heart out at the New Orleans-inspired karaoke bar The Monkey's Tale. Try a Scotch Egg Burger at Broad Ripple Brewpub. Or relax in the Alley Cat Lounge, a hidden gem of Indy, where you can find cheap drinks, a good pool and tasty pizzas. Gather some friends and play a round of vintage bowling in Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling, or test your darts and billiards skills at Imbibe Lobby Bar & Game Room.

Enjoy a comedy show, live music or some good old-fashioned burlesque at The White Rabbit Cabaret. Explore the incredible selection of music at Arthur's Music Store. Find Affordable Home Furnishings at Indy Bargains. Choose from a selection of ethically sourced household items, clothing and accessories from Onatah boutique.

Buy a Pilsner by Workingman at Fountain Square Brewing or try One Hop Wonder at Chilly Water Brewing Company. Order Pad Thai or drunken noodles at Siam Square. Or get ready to eat tacos and street margaritas on the patio of the Mexican Tiki Bar Revolución. The city is home to the Indiana Pacers, an NBA basketball team, and the Indianapolis Colts NFL football team.

Statistically, if you looked at average home prices, you wouldn't think that housing prices in Indianapolis seem so affordable. Indianapolis takes the arts very seriously and is full of cultural centers such as museums, theaters and music venues. While Uber and Lyft have dominated the entire country, Indianapolis is launching its own companies to promote ride-sharing and decrease reliance on car ownership. Here is your general opinion on life in Indianapolis.

Ultimately, if you like the Midwestern mentality, Indy is a great place to hang your hat. Because if moving to Indianapolis is a possibility in your future, you'll need to know, not only the things to do there, but also what it's like to live there. Healthcare, food and utilities are significantly cheaper in Indianapolis, but what really matters is the cost of housing. The total attendance is more than 300,000 people who come down to Indianapolis Motor Speedway each year on Memorial Day weekend to see the Indy 500.

Not only is the city home to the largest one-day sporting event in the world, the Indianapolis 500, but it also has one of the largest children's museums in the country, the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and has many other great museums and parks. Indianapolis has experienced extensive job growth in recent years, with healthcare, tourism and sports among the top industries there. After the Civil War, Indianapolis grew rapidly, becoming the third largest pork packing city in the world and the second largest railroad hub in the U. Not only can you fly internationally, but Indianapolis Airport offers direct flights to almost anywhere in the country, greatly reducing the stress (and travel time) of your trip.

If you decide to take the plunge and move to Indianapolis, don't hesitate to contact your Bellhop friends. . .

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