Can you walk around downtown indianapolis?

Indianapolis is an extremely walkable city, making it easy to visit the sights on foot or by bike. ActiveIndy Tours offers daily guided tours around the center at a “human pace”.

Can you walk around downtown indianapolis?

Indianapolis is an extremely walkable city, making it easy to visit the sights on foot or by bike. ActiveIndy Tours offers daily guided tours around the center at a “human pace”. The tours offer frequent stops where the storytellers share the history of our city. Take the White River State Park and Central Canal tour and explore one of the largest urban state parks in the U.S.

UU. Learn about the park's history, public art and memories of the war. Lockerbie and Mass Ave tour showcases the history of Lockerbie, Indianapolis's oldest neighborhood, along with eclectic shops, galleries and art installations along Mass Ave. Get to know the many war memorials in the city center on the War Memorial Trail tour.

Surpassed only by Washington, DC in our number of monuments and monuments, Indianapolis has many iconic places. Take a guided tour of the physical and symbolic heart of Indy and learn the intriguing history of the Circle during one of the Indiana Memorial Circle walking tours. Learn about the Monument and surrounding buildings with interesting tips from expert guides at Indiana Landmarks. Tours are free and depart from South Bend Chocolate Company every Friday and Saturday at 10 am.

Downtown Indianapolis, Downtown Indy or Mile Square, whatever name it is given, and under the guise of the three, is a downtown district in constant expansion. Since receiving the nickname Mile Square in the early 19th century, the city's founding district has grown to encompass six and a half square miles in total and has become a booming city that now includes nine neighborhoods and is still expanding. The cathedral was built in the late 1920s and is one of the largest Masonic buildings in the world. Owned by a group affiliated with the Freemasons, the cathedral contains many Masonic symbols, as well as a sixty-six square foot dance floor in a ballroom with columns and wooden paneling, plus a thousand-seat theater.

The upper floor of the museum invites visitors to participate with interactive game simulators for skiing and basketball, as well as a vintage gym from the 1930s. The Slippery Noodle Inn opened in 1850 and has been serving drinks to Indianapolis residents and visitors alike ever since, even despite prohibition-era restrictions. The bar has several historical features, including a century-old bar and during its more than one hundred sixty years of opening it served as a stopping point on the underground railway. For classic Indianapolis food, book a table at St Elmo Steak House on South Illinois Street in downtown Indy.

Explore downtown Indianapolis to discover tranquil canals with Italian-style gondoliers, a cathedral that can easily be mistaken for a Scottish castle, and a glass-roofed garden full of art. The Tomlinson Tap Room is an old pub style bar located in the Indianapolis City Market. While the name Slippery Noodle Inn may be reminiscent of a Chinese restaurant, this bar on South Meridian Street in downtown Indianapolis is anything but. The Walk Indianapolis website offers audio guides to Indianapolis architecture and sights.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral is a dominant landmark in central Indianapolis, which wouldn't be out of place in Scotland's heather-covered highlands. Combine a visit to a museum with an exercise session at the NCAA Hall of Champions on West Washington Street, downtown. Head to West Michigan Street in downtown Indianapolis, and next to Fresco Café by the water, you'll find moorings for Old World gondoliers. Don't miss a night out there; it will make your stay in downtown Indianapolis the same as the one at the bar, absolutely legendary.

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is located on West Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis. This is a downtown district full of amazing activities, both cultural and social, so don't miss any of these fifteen best things to do in downtown Indianapolis while you're there. The Indy Cultural Trail is an eight-mile long paved trail that interconnects the neighborhoods of downtown Indianapolis. The Downtown Comics is a comic book store on East Market Street in downtown Indianapolis and a fun place to spend a few hours watching old and recently released editions of all the major comics.

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