Indy's Thriving Craft Beer Scene: A Guide to the Best Breweries and Taprooms in Indianapolis

Discover Indianapolis, the vibrant capital of Indiana, known for its rich history, thriving arts scene, and world-class attractions.

Indy's Thriving Craft Beer Scene: A Guide to the Best Breweries and Taprooms in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has a thriving craft beer scene, with a growing number of breweries and taprooms offering a wide range of delicious brews. From traditional IPAs and stouts to experimental sour beers and barrel-aged brews, there's something for everyone in Indy's craft beer scene. In this article, we will take a closer look at the city's best breweries, taprooms, and beer-centric events.

Breweries in Indianapolis

Sun King Brewing

Sun King Brewing is one of the most popular and well-known breweries in Indianapolis. Founded in 2009, the brewery is known for its wide range of beers, including its flagship Sunlight Cream Ale and seasonal brews like Oktoberfest and Pachanga Mexican-style Lager.

Metazoa Brewing Co.

Metazoa Brewing Co. is a brewery that is dedicated to animal conservation, with a portion of its profits going to support animal welfare organizations. The brewery offers a variety of beers, including the popular Breton Blonde and the Hoppopotamus IPA.

Indiana City Brewing Co.

Indiana City Brewing Co. is a brewery that focuses on traditional European-style beers, with a particular emphasis on Belgian-style brews. The brewery's Belgian Tripel and Witbier are two of its most popular offerings.

Taprooms in Indianapolis

The Koelschip

The Koelschip is a taproom that specializes in sour beers, with a rotating selection of unique and experimental brews. The taproom also offers a selection of Belgian-style beers and ciders.

Black Acre Brewing Co.

Black Acre Brewing Co. is a taproom that features a wide range of beers, including its popular Natural Liberty IPA and the Saucy Intruder Belgian-style ale. The taproom also hosts a variety of events, including trivia nights and live music.

Tomlinson Tap Room

The Tomlinson Tap Room is located inside the historic City Market in downtown Indianapolis and features a rotating selection of Indiana craft beers. The taproom also hosts events like beer tastings and brewery tours.

Beer-Centric Events in Indianapolis

Indy Beer Week

Indy Beer Week is a week-long celebration of craft beer in Indianapolis, featuring tastings, tap takeovers, and other beer-centric events at breweries and bars throughout the city.

Brew Bracket

Brew Bracket is a beer tasting competition that pits local breweries against each other in a bracket-style tournament. The event is held annually and is a popular attraction for beer enthusiasts.

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